Customized Portfolios

At Windcroft, we help you articulate your financial goals and then work with you to develop a portfolio designed to meet your specific needs.

What are your Objectives?

We work together to clarify your financial objectives now and over the long term.

What is your Time Horizon?

Your plan for using your capital in the future is an important consideration. We discuss your plans for retirement, when you might begin making regular withdrawals from your portfolio, and whether you anticipate any future events, such as gifts or inheritances, that could impact your financial position.

What is your Risk Tolerance?

You may seek only capital appreciation, or prefer to stay with steady income. You may be willing to take more risk and seek to blend growth and income. We help you identify your level of risk tolerance.

What about other considerations?

We plan for any special tax circumstances or future withdrawals that need to be considered in conjunction with the management of your portfolio.

At Windcroft, we take the time to get to know you and your investment objectives. Learn about our solutions for new clients.