Independent Decision Making

As an independent investment counsel, our only business is to manage portfolios and provide you with unbiased investment advice.

Windcroft and its principal employees do not, directly or indirectly, engage in activities that could compromise our ability to render unbiased investment advice.

We make trades only to benefit our clients’ portfolios by growing accounts and preserving capital. We are not aligned with any dealer or broker, and we derive no benefit simply from making transactions. Our compensation comes from the management fee we charge you which is based solely on the value of your portfolio.

Our investment research is independent, and we make our own opinions without any prejudice to ownership or involvement in the securities we trade or recommend. We do not act as a custodian, and do not hold clients’ cash or other assets.

Conflict of Interest Statement: Although we proactively avoid any and all material conflicts of interests with clients, we do have protocols in place if a material conflict of interest were to arise. First, the conflict would be immediately disclosed to our client in writing. That disclosure would clearly explain the nature and extent of the conflict, the potential impact or risk of the conflict, and the way the conflict has been or will be resolved. Two principles guide us in finding a satisfactory resolution:

  1. Material conflicts of interest must be resolved in the best interest of the client.
  2. The resolution must be timely.