Solutions for New Clients

At Windcroft, we provide the guidance and understanding needed to meet each client’s financial goals.

Windcroft offers potential clients a complimentary second opinion to help you determine whether your current investments match your long-term financial goals. Contact us to inquire about a complimentary portfolio review.

At Windcroft, we develop a personal investment management solution for each new client. Our personal investment management solutions involve these five steps:

1. Getting to Know You

We begin by getting to know you. Through questions and conversation, we gain an understanding of your financial objectives. We focus on the big picture by looking at circumstances today and in the future that make your investment needs unique.

2. Developing an Investment Policy Statement

The Investment Policy Statement is your commitment, in writing, to your specific financial goals. We ensure your financial goals take into account factors such as time horizon, tolerance for risk, amount of investable assets, tax considerations, and planned contributions or withdrawals. Your Investment Policy Statement then guides our investment decisions on your behalf.

3. Making the Right Investments

We build your portfolio with a mix of high-quality stocks and bonds that are selected to meet your expectations for growth, income, and inflation protection. We pro-actively manage your investments by continually evaluating dynamic markets and staying in touch with your evolving financial needs and expectations. We allow promising investments to grow and make use of strategic selling for tax efficiency and wealth generation.

4. Identifying a Custodian

Your physical assets are held in a secure account with a third-party custodian. Our custodians are regulated and adhere to all regulatory developments affecting our industry. They support us with a dedicated team of experienced administrators and provide you with independent reports detailing your account activities. This custodial arrangement provides you with absolute confidence and certainty in your investment reporting.

5. Communicating with You

We want you to understand your portfolio, its performance, and how it may be affected by personal and economic change. Our comprehensive quarterly report details your holdings and your portfolio performance from date of inception. Importantly, we also maintain regular contact with you to ensure we are always up-to-date with your financial circumstances.