Strategic Investments

Our conservative and long-term approach to investing means our portfolio turnover is low. Our stock portfolios tend to preserve capital in a downturn and participate well during economic recoveries.

Long-term investment performance begins with in-depth research, independent analysis, calculated decision-making, and active portfolio management. You can depend on us to understand the global trends and outlooks for specific securities, industries, and sectors, and to remain active and engaged in the management of your portfolio.

Our disciplined approach gives our clients peace of mind not only in periods of market growth, but also during market downturns and periods of volatility.

We build portfolios by investing in businesses that have attractive valuations and long-term potential for growth. We prefer companies that have a significant market share and have pricing power for their products. Highly rated government and corporate bonds are another cornerstone of our client portfolios. Bonds serve two purposes: they provide a buffer against stock market volatility and ensure a steady flow of income through regular coupon payments.

We invest only in the stocks and bonds that are best-suited to your financial objectives. Individual holdings are designed to meet your particular cash flow, income tax, and time horizon requirements. A well-constructed portfolio provides principal protection, true diversification, tax benefits, and a strong rate of return. It allows access to funds as needed without impairing capital.